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Free Download God Of War II PC Full RIP Version

God Of War II is an Third Person 3D action Game for PC (Computer). The brutal person Kratos returns because the new revengeful God of War. The second chapter of the series focuses another time on a tale of revenge. Having defeated Ares and currently a god himself, Kratos proves to be a additional vicious and power-hungry god than Ares ever was. Eventually he finds himself betrayed, together with his godly powers and skills off from him. Kratos sets upon another epic quest to search out the Sisters of Fate and do what no mortal or god has ever done: modification his destiny and reclaim his power.

Like its forerunner, Free Download God Of War II is an action game with platforming and puzzle-solving parts. Still utilizing the Blades of Chaos, Kratos should rip apart his enemies and and alternative gods, heroes, and monsters from the Greek myths that stands in his thanks to revenge and power. As before, the upper the dance band achieved from killing an anemy, the additional red orbs are going to be awarded to Kratos for upgrades. Kratos features a choice of spells that utilize the blue orbs. Some square measure acquainted from the previous game, whereas others square measure unaccustomed the sequel and its plot.

In addition to the action and light-weight puzzle-solving, Kratos takes to the sky within the sequel with some rail-based flying levels on the rear of either a Pegasus or mythical creature. He conjointly learns many new talents for combat additionally as for determination the puzzles within the game, like as an example the power to weigh down time.

Included with the game could be a second disc that has such bonus options as deleted levels, the voices of God of War II, the sheet music, and a documentary regarding transferral the game to life.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows 2000/XP/vista/7/8 128MB Video Card with 3D Acceleration and DirectX Support 2.0GHz Pentium 4 or 1.6GHz Athlon 2000 Processor 2 GB Hard Disk Space 512MB RAM / 1 GB RAM


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